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Gerrard and the crew of the Weatherlight journey through the bowels of Volrath's stronghold, battling the twisted creations of Volrath's evil mind in an attempt to rescue their imprisoned comrades. The stronghold yields many dark secrets about the crew's friends, enemies, and themselves. Enter the darkness of Stronghold.

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Hornet Cannon
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Artifact | Color: Artifact | Condition: | Cost: 4 | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Hornet Cannon | Pow/Tgh: | Rarity: U | Set Name: Stronghold
Condition: P, English $0.10 x 1
Condition: LP, English $0.10 x 3
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Sliver Queen
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Legendary Creature - Sliver | Color: Multi-Color | Condition: | Cost: WUBRG | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Sliver Queen | Pow/Tgh: 7/7 | Rarity: R | Set Name: Stronghold
Condition: HP, English $148.19 x 1