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Far from the chaos caused by the attack on the Conclave years ago, the nearly abandoned Utvara district has become the unlikely epicenter of guild contention. Conflict between the area.s Gruul squatters and Orzhov titleholders masked a deeper truth: Relics lay under the Husk of Utvara, and Niv-Mizzet.s eldest magewrights desperately sought them...

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Haazda Shield Mate
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Creature - Human Soldier | Color: White | Condition: | Cost: 2W | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Haazda Shield Mate | Pow/Tgh: 1/1 | Rarity: R | Set Name: Dissension
Condition: M/NM, English $0.17 x 1
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Spell Snare
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Instant | Color: Blue | Condition: | Cost: U | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Spell Snare | Pow/Tgh: | Rarity: U | Set Name: Dissension
Condition: EX, English $4.10 x 2