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"The world . . . is . . . hollow." This is the secret that Chunth, the Tel-Jilad troll elder, entrusts to Glissa Sunseeker before his death at the hands of a traitor. Armed with that knowledge, Glissa fights her way through the great vedalken capital of Lumengrid, down into the Pool of Knowledge. The Synod's sacred chamber contains a lacuna--a tunnel, saturated with blue mana--that leads to Mirrodin's secret interior. There, huge, bizarre towers of funguslike metal called mycosynth reach up toward an immense inner sun of pure mana.

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Viridian Zealot
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Creature - Elf Warrior | Color: Green | Condition: | Cost: GG | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Viridian Zealot | Pow/Tgh: 2/1 | Rarity: R | Set Name: Darksteel
Condition: M/NM, English $0.52 x 1